Aims and Scope


This journal has been formed in line with the macro policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the future of civilization, which is the most important field of study at the fundamental level. Therefore, an effort will be made to focus on the research of articles by experts and thinkers in the field of writing, with emphasis on maintaining the innovations by the title of the journal. The main axes of this field of study are as follows:

1- Conceptology of modern Islamic civilization

2- New Islamic lifestyle and civilization

3- Islamic state and modern Islamic civilization

4- Islamic and human sciences and modern Islamic civilization

5- New Islamic system and civilization

6- Competing models and modern Islamic civilization

7- Islamic-Iranian patterns of progress and modern Islamic civilization

8- Islamic society and modern Islamic civilization

9- Science and technology and modern Islamic civilization

Long-term goals:

  • Replacing long-term and future-oriented views instead of short-term and temporary views
  • Strengthening the discourse of modern Islamic civilization about competing discourses

Short-term goals:

  • Explaining the dimensions of modern Islamic civilization through the compilation of scientific research articles
  • Engaging the scientific community with the issue of modern Islamic civilization

Opportunities and strengths:

  • Rich scientific resources
  • Professors, researchers, and graduate students

The necessity of publication:

  • Considering the grand goal of the Islamic Revolution, which is the realization of the new Islamic civilization, it is necessary to focus on this issue regardless of journalistic political debates.